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Your web application works fine currently, but will it handle 10 times more users? Test that in advance and keep peace of mind, quickly validate if your website or web application is ready for success on that big day. Real browser load test execution with thousands of concurrent users worldwide running real life scenarios written in JavaScript, Java or Python.
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Load test your web application or website to make sure it is bug-free and runs seamlessly
Easily simulate real users interaction with your serviceArrow down icon
Create multi-step test scripts in JavaScript, Java or Python with Selenium to imitate real users’ behavior and run it on various versions of browsers from multiple locations worldwide at a scale. Or reuse your performance test script to easily transform it to a load test with thousands of users running it simultaneously
Test at any scale with up to tens of thousands usersArrow down icon
Make sure your software performs perfectly for thousands of users in your region. Or load test with tens of thousands concurrent users worldwide to reveal the improvements required before the product launch in the international market.
Cloud-hosted tests without maintaining infrastructureArrow down icon
Validate the scalability and reliability of web based applications by running cloud-hosted load tests on demand hassle-free. Maintaining a testing environment is time consuming. Save that time with Loadero, we’ve got you covered.
Analyze detailed reports of client-side statisticsArrow down icon
Find system limitations by analysing load graphs, filtering participants by location, browser, network conditions. Analyze individual failed user’s machine data: CPU, RAM, network bitrate, packet loss, network errors. Automatically check expectations matching. Everything you need for improving your application.
Run up to 100 small scale tests for free to prepare for your load test
  • Your scripts are saved for future large scale tests
  • Run tests with up to 100 participants total
  • Use our service for free for 14 days
  • No credit card or any other payment info required
  • Upgrade to a paid plan when you are ready
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Powerful load testing tool with flexible pricing for any size of team and every scenario
Small team
Single developer or a small QA team
You need to run performance or load tests but that doesn’t happen often? Our pay as you go plan is perfect for you. Pay only when you need to run a test and only for the used CU amount.
Medium team
Medium size QA or developers team
Frequently testing for various customers? Get a monthly subscription and pay less per participant. If you use all the compute units included in the plan, you can always add more.
Large team
Enterprise scale
Unlimited number of participants, unlimited test duration, custom AWS connection. A specially tailored plan for enterprise scale customers.
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