End to end WebRTC testing at any scale you require

Loadero is a feature-rich WebRTC test tool that has everything you need. Worldwide coverage, different network conditions, various browser versions, built-in fake media and very detailed WebRTC statistics for analysis. All this and much more to use in your tests with up to thousands of parallel connections.
WebRTC video
WebRTC testing in as close as possible to real life conditions
Use different built-in fake mediaArrow down icon
Set media from 240p up to 1080p with audio parameters. Like real users, Loadero test participants will have silent audio sometimes and different video quality. Fake media has markers for manual checks, use our session recording feature to analyze app behavior during test runtime.
Simulate different conditions that impact UXArrow down icon
With Loadero you will achieve worldwide coverage, test various network connection types with packet loss, bandwidth and other settings, use various versions browsers and set other parameters important to test WebRTC apps.
Easily imitate real users behavior at any scaleArrow down icon
Create a test script in JavaScript, Java or Python with Selenium to imitate real users behavior in your application. Reuse the same script for performance tests or load tests for thousands of users. Validate that your WebRTC app works perfectly and can scale as well.
Collect detailed WebRTC and client-side statisticsArrow down icon
Loadero provides detailed statistics of WebRTC internals dump file, graphs for different data, that you can zoom or filter by categories. Use statistics asserts to quickly check if expectations were matched.
Use different built-in fake media
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  • Run tests with up to 100 participants total
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