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Performance testing is very important, so you should do it in the most insightful way possible. Simulate both real users' actions and real-life conditions when you end-to-end performance test a web application. If your web service fails to do the job for your customers, the cost of such issues can be tens of thousands of dollars. Imagine you can find all issues and system limitations, fix them and release a perfectly working web service. That is exactly what Loadero helps to achieve.
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Performance testing web service in Loadero allows to
Easily simulate real users' behavior in your testsArrow down icon
Loadero utilizes Selenium web automation with scripts in Javascript, Java or Python to simulate real users' behavior. Use various browser versions, multiple locations worldwide and different network conditions in a single test to discover all issues your users could have.
Analyze different client-side statisticsArrow down icon
Get a detailed results report after every test run. Analyze individual participant machine’s data: CPU, RAM, network bytes, network bitrate, network packet loss, network errors. Group participants by attributes or automatically check if statistics match expectations. Everything you need for improving your application.
Review full logs for even deeper analysisArrow down icon
Need a deeper analysis of the test run results? Loadero has everything necessary: browser logs, Selenium logs, WebRTC internals dump. Understand each participant’s behavior as well as potential issues with your script.
Collect detailed WebRTC statistics and view graphsArrow down icon
You have detailed statistics of WebRTC internals dump file, but instead of manually going through all the data, you can see its visualization. Graphs for different data, that you can zoom or filter by categories. When you performance test a web application that uses WebRTC, we've got you covered.
Easily simulate real users' behavior in your tests
Run up to 100 small scale tests for free
  • Run tests with up to 100 participants total
  • All features necessary for insightful tests included
  • Your scripts are saved for future use
  • Performance test a web application for 14 days
  • No credit card or any payment info required
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Would you like your tests to be created by
a team of experienced engineers?

  • Our team has worked on performance and load tests of various complexity and is ready to create them for you.
  • We will create a test tailored to your needs to simulate real users behaviour and interaction with your application.
  • You will be able to relaunch tests created for you whenever you need to validate application performance.
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Performance test web application in three easy steps
Whatever you need, to create a fast and straight-forward test to see how it runs in different locations, browsers, network conditions or develop complex scenarios and test configurations with multiple flows and record the session for examination - you are in the right place, Loadero has all that and much more.
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3

Write the test user actions to be performed on your web application in JavaScript, Java or Python with Selenium.

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Powerful features for every scenario

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