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Web performance testing made so magnificent, that it can become addictive.

Simplify web performance testing with Loadero. Our multi-purpose tool is built with the customer in mind to maximize efficiency and catch problems early on.

Loadero is built to run performance and load tests on web-based applications and provide a comprehensive set of metrics, allowing you to gauge how performance changes under varying loads. Tests in Loadero can easily be set up to run on a schedule ensuring continuous performance validation.

Be among our customers who have identified critical issues in their web application within the first few days of using Loadero!

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Want to start web performance testing but don't have the in-house resources to do so? Benefit from our experience in the industry and let us create the tests for you!

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WebRTC application testing

With fake media injection and WebRTC-specific metrics, Loadero is a perfect tool to use for WebRTC application testing. Schedule the tests to execute on a regular basis to ensure you maintain the quality of your service.
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Web load test

Web application load testing

Make sure that performance never degrades as your application evolves. Regular web performance testing can help you verify that any changes in the functionality of your application will not deteriorate its performance.
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If you prefer to get the best people to do the job, then search no more. Our team has experience with various industries, projects and applications. You can rely on us to create a test based on your needs.
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