Make your next event the largest yet
Getting ready to host an online event or just selling tickets? Preparing for this can be quite tricky as you need to estimate the total number of attendees and be ready in case all of them arrive at once. Run a web load test ahead of your next big event and be ready for any scenario!
Event platforms
Loadero in numbers
  • more than
    1000 monthly tests
    with WebRTC
  • on average, users experience
    55% success rate
    for their first load test
  • more than
    80k participants
    in a single test
Virtual conference

Hosting virtual conferences

Random disconnections, stutter in audio and blurry video can very quickly ruin your reputation as an event host. Perform thorough investigation of your web app’s performance and prepare for any edge case to ensure the highest user satisfaction and the product’s scalability.

Ticketing vendors

50th anniversary of a legendary band? Premiere of a movie everyone has been waiting for? Upcoming final match of a sports tournament? Without a doubt, tickets will be in high demand! Are you sure you want to risk your reputation as the ticket retailer? Run a web load test to discover bottlenecks in your system while you can still do something about them.
Online exam

Online exams

In an online exam, more than anywhere else, platform stability is key to ensuring a fair assessment. Run exams fairly and guarantee that the platform will not be a barrier to achieving high scores, nor will its instability be exploited for cheating.
Online stream

Streaming global events

While event streams don’t require to be free of delays, aiming for the lowest delay can be the thing that sets you apart from competition. Run a web load test to find and eliminate bottlenecks, so that you can deliver the content first.

Achieve more with Loadero

  • Multiple users

    Thousands of users

    Run tests with up to tens of thousands of users.

  • Load strategies

    Various load strategies

    Execute web load tests with a ramp-up strategy tailored to your needs.

  • Multiple locations

    Various locations

    Verify latency between continents by testing across the globe.

  • WebRTC Metrics

    WebRTC-specific metrics

    Get a full understanding of your call quality with WebRTC metrics.

  • Validations

    Automated validations

    Receive immediate confirmation that critical metrics are within threshold.

  • Network

    Network conditioning

    Test under impaired network conditions.

See how Loadero can help

  • WebRTC

    WebRTC testing

    Explore the possibilities of WebRTC testing and the benefits that Loadero can provide.

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  • Load

    Load testing

    See how your platform can benefit from a web load test and how to get the most out of Loadero.

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  • Test creation

    Test script creation

    Have our engineers help you design and develop the test script tailored to fit all your needs.

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  • Test execution

    Full service load testing

    Preparing and executing web load tests can be tricky, so you can rely on experienced engineers to achieve your goals.

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