Prepare for the sales season with Loadero
Be ready for Black Friday, Christmas or any other sales season with a sudden influx of customers, that otherwise would overwhelm your website and lead to lost revenue. Prepare your e-commerce platform for the next big event by performing a web load test ahead of time!
Loadero in numbers
  • more than
    4000 tests
  • more than
    80K participants
    in a single test
  • less than
    4 minutes
    to start a test run
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Never miss a sale

Nothing can be worse than losing customers during a sale because your website is down, right? Timely testing and preparation will help avoid such scenarios.
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Reach more people, faster

Handling traffic increase is not only a task to handle more visitors at the same time, but also to make sure that the app doesn't become unbearably slow. With Loadero you can make sure that your site meets all requirements.
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Beat the competition

In an industry with intense competition, be the one who makes the sale. Let other platforms queue their customers and be the one to capture the revenue that they have placed on hold by making these customers your own.
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Ensure the operation of critical systems

At the end of the day, it’s business critical systems that have to be the most reliable and never fail. You can make sure that your systems operate under any conditions, including abnormal load by executing a simple web load test.

Achieve more with Loadero


    Performance metrics

    Understand the impact of increased load on system performance.


    Quick ramp-up

    Go from testing with 100 users to thousands in a matter of minutes.


    Different scenarios

    Run various user scenarios in the same test to evaluate their impact on one another.


    Thousands of users

    Run tests with up to tens of thousands of users.

  • Multiple locations

    Various locations

    Verify latency between continents by testing across the globe.

  • Network

    Network conditioning

    Run web load tests under impaired network conditions.

See how Loadero can help

  • Load

    Load testing

    Explore the possibilities of load testing and the benefits of performing a web load test.

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  • Performance

    Performance testing

    Find out more about the various performance metrics that Loadero can gather to help understand the performance of the app.

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  • Load

    Full service load testing

    Preparing and executing web load tests can be tricky, so you can rely on experienced engineers to achieve your goals.

    Learn about load test execution
  • Test creation

    Test script creation

    If you don't have engineering time to spare for test creation, we can help you with the test script development.

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