Always be aware of your call quality
Testing a communications platform at a large scale is complex, we are here to help. Whether you want to assess the scalability of your platform, perform a competitive analysis or run regular tests to ensure call quality, we have a solution that can help you achieve these goals!
Loadero in numbers
  • more than
    1000 tests
    with WebRTC every month
  • more than
    25K participants
    in a single WebRTC test
  • more than
    500M hours
    of WebRTC data streams
Video call backgroundVideo call

Be among leaders

To be at the top doesn't just mean having a functionally working app, the provided call quality must exceed the industry standard. Now you can do that with ease and get ahead of your competition.
Quality metrics backgroundQuality metrics

Define your own success

Loadero helps you to take care of call quality metrics and fine tune them exactly how you want them to be. You can put the focus where you want it to be.
Get notified backgroundGet notified

Verify every aspect of quality

Use a vast range of audio and video metrics to get all the information you need to assess call quality. Use this information to drive improvements and be on top of changes in call quality as your app evolves.
MOS backgroundMOS

Take a look from the user's perspective

Loadero provides automatic calculations of Mean Opinion Score for the tests you run, so you can base your decisions on what real users would want the call quality to be like.

Achieve more with Loadero

  • WebRTC Metrics

    WebRTC metrics

    Inspect various client-side WebRTC metrics.

  • MOS

    MOS calculations

    Automatically calculated Mean Opinion Scores for WebRTC tests.

  • Media injection

    Media injection

    Use several provided fake media options to emulate microphone/webcam usage.

  • Multiple users

    Thousands of users

    Simulate thousands of virtual users visiting your web application.

  • Multiple locations

    Wide geographic distribution

    Run tests from various geographic locations.

  • Network

    Different network conditions

    Make sure your web application works when the network doesn't.

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