Capture regressions before they reach production with performance monitoring
Keep your focus on growth
Avoid the mistakes of others and maintain the performance while adding more features for your customers. Continuous performance monitoring can ensure that your customer satisfaction levels keep on increasing.
Server cost
Reduce server costs
You can save big on infrastructure costs by optimizing performance and ensuring efficient resource usage. The longer requests take, the more resources they require and the costlier they get. Make sure that you don't miss out on those savings over time by monitoring performance changes.
Increase customer satisfaction
Have you ever tried using a service that fails to load each page in a reasonable time? Have you ever grown tired of waiting and closed the page? Setting up performance monitoring can help to avoid becoming such a service for your customers and help to increase satisfaction rates.
Surpass your competitors
By incrementally improving the performance characteristics of your web application you can inch forward and surpass your competition as a more reliable service provider with higher quality standards. You can even benchmark against competing products to get verified metrics of the fact.
Three steps to success
Establish a baseline
Running initial performance tests helps you to understand your current performance levels and note any areas that may need improvement due to higher resource consumption.
Performance metric documentation
Steps to successSteps to success
Set up automated tests and validations
Once the initial tests have been executed, you can set up regular tests to be executed on a predefined interval. In these tests Loadero will use automated performance validations to make sure that the application maintains desired characteristics.
Performance assert documentation
Steps to successSteps to success
Monitor performance deviations
As you keep developing your application, ideally the performance baseline should be increased over time. You can compare the metrics collected by a single test over time to ensure that the performance does increase from version to version.
Steps to successSteps to success

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