Make sure that the next version doesn't crash under load

When testing a new release, the focus often falls on checking the functionality of the system. However, such tests do not necessarily take into account various aspects that contribute to user experience, such as how many other users are using the app at that same moment. Application performance under load is one of the factors driving customer decisions, if you have ever felt frustration about long loading times, you know the feeling. Make sure your application does not suffer the same fate and let us take care of load test execution for you!

Achieve the goals you aimed for

Test setup

Test design and preparation

Often the most complex part of load test execution is preparing the scenario and planning the exact execution steps that would achieve that scenario.

Our engineers are experienced and can help you get the most out of the tests.

Risk management

Risk management

You don't want to worry about the production environment crashing or test data mixing with real user data.

As we handle the load test execution for you, we also help you manage all risks associated with the tests so you can relax and wait for the results.

Scenario simulation

Real scenario simulation

Simulate the scenarios that you know are the most problematic and get results that are comparable to the actual load the system is expected to endure.

Since Loadero measures load in number of concurrent users, you will be able to compare that data to your predictions and estimates.

What's included in the package

Receive full support from a load test engineer

  • Each step of load test execution makes an impact in the result that is ultimately achieved. This is why a load test engineer should participate in this process starting from the very first call throughout the rest of the process - test planning, script development, strategy selection and, of course, the test execution itself.
  • The load test engineer will be able to take care of everything, asking you the key pieces of information that are necessary for successful load test execution. We rely on years of experience in load test execution to deliver the best result.

All tooling from setup to execution and reporting

  • In a load test the engineer alone can't do all the work manually. A load test implies increased load on the system, hence tooling is required to achieve the loads and, obviously, we have the tool for that! You can sit back and relax as Loadero will take care of everything by simulating virtual users as well as handling all reporting.
  • Loadero can take care of tests with thousands of virtual users, simulating various load scenarios. Not only can Loadero simulate thousands of participants, but you will also have access to vast configuration options ranging from choosing the user’s browser to physical location and network settings.
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Rich tooling

What you will benefit from

  • PlusYears of experience in performing load testing
  • PlusIndividual approach to your case
  • PlusAdvanced statistics and automated validations
  • PlusOpportunity for custom features
  • PlusAccess to development team via test engineer
  • PlusRisk management from planning to execution

Don't leave load testing to the last minute

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